Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rain,Rain & More Rain

This week has been a weary one. It has been raining not only in weather, but over me. Rain full of uncertainty, fear, but has ended with faith. Today this rain washes away all my pain and fear and using faith to overcome. 

Back to January for a bit:
I had a lump in my neck, so I made an appointment to see my family practitioner about it. He wasn't too concerned after examining it and suggested we run a full blood work up and watch the lump for the next 6 months. If anything changed, to come back and we will further exam everything. My blood work  came back good so I figured everything was ok. Six months went by and nothing. That was until I found a second lump in the back of my neck. That raised a flag immediatly. 
That day I made an appointment to follow up with my doctor. He too was now concerned about what was going on. He ordered more blood work and an ultrasound. This was the last week of July. 

Fast forward to the second week of September: 
This past week I received a call from my doctors office stating that I needed to make an appointment. When I called them back I was told I need to make an appointment for a CT scan as soon as possible. I knew those words were not going to be a "you know just in case" it was a voice of urgency. My CT was the following morning and I was shaken with fear. I had never had a CT done so I knew not I g of what happens during the scan. The nurse was sweet and talked me through everything. Now I haven't had an IV since Joseph was born 8 years ago and that was what scared me the most. The not remembering what it feels like and the fear of getting stuck more than once was not helping my nerves. The IV was placed and the dye was started. My body felt so weird. The machine was loud and my head was starting to hurt. All things normal according to the nurse. After a long nap and a some essential oils, I felt so much better. That afternoon the office called and wanted to set an appointment up to see an ENT specialist. When I asked why, she said that the scan showed the lumps were in my lymph nodes. So a week from tomorrow we will find out exactly what's going on. It could be cancer it could be something else. Either way, I will probably need further testing and appointments. 

 The next evening at life group I shared what was going on and they all laid hands on me and prayed for me. 
God is so good y'all. He has given me such amazing people to share life with. The path I am on now, is guided by those who love Jesus and pour into each other. 
Faith has given me the strength to overcome the fear of the what ifs and the why's. I delight in The Lord and know he is with me through this trial. 

This week I have been on Pinterest looking for scripture that encourages me and motivates me. I wanted to share a few that I really like. 

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