Sunday, July 22, 2012

Christmas in July

Why Christmas in July? Well it is my Christmas, because we have officially moved back to Lubbock. This girl couldn't be happier. I think Childress was a good change for a bit, but we really missed our family and friends in west texas. We made it a whole year in Childress and made some good friends, but it just wasn't HOME for us.
Kyle is back at Gene Messer Toyota and I am working for a studio as an office manager. July has been a great month and has kicked started our life in Lubbock again. We moved one weekend, drove to Dallas the next and life has finally started to calm down again. 
I still can't believe we are back. I prayed for a way to get back here and cried a few times while thinking of our life before Childress. Of course when you put it in Gods hands, he delivers when you least expect it. I had finally come to terms of maybe staying in Childress a few more years. Kyle had a great job and life was good. Then out of the blue Kyle tells me we may be moving back. Within a week  he was moved and starting his new job. Then I booked a job interview a week later and got the job. This move was crazy unexpected and fast. So fast that we didn't really get to say bye to the friends we made in Childress. 
The last box is sitting in the living room waiting to be unpacked and hung on the wall. Apartment living is going to take time getting used to again, but so far we are enjoying out place. We are living in the same apartment we lived in when we were first married and brought Joseph home. This place brings back so many great memories and I hope in the next year we can make a few more. 

I have not blogged since January, so here are a few pictures from the past 6 months :)

P.S. most of the photos have my old watermark on them. I no longer have my photo business because I work for a new studio. 

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