Friday, December 2, 2011

Tips for taking pictures of your kids

Yes I was a photographer and I have a nice camera and photoshop, but you can take good pictures of your kids too.
Here are a few tips I use when taking pictures of Joseph around the house or town.

1.Learn how to use your camera and what the different shooting modes. I shoot in manual mode, this gives you complete control of your exposure and aperture
(click on that link and it will help you out)

Not sure how to use your digital camera? Well here is a great blog post over at Kevin & Amanda to help you out.
Link: A Quick Guide to Understanding Your DSLR Camera

2. Dress them in a solid color with a texture or print as an accent
You don't want superman all over their t-shirt, its too busy and it takes away from their sweet little faces. (this is the only graphic tee shirt I have of him)
In a Graphic Tee

Nice Solid Colors

3. Try to use natural light
Putting them in natural light coming from a window in your house (not directly in front of the window, a little behind where the shadow starts to fall) or in a more shaded area ( not too dark of shade then you cant see them)

This is in my kitchen with Joseph sitting in a little kids chair

4. If they are squinting, the light is too bright for them
Move them into a less harsh of light. Direct sunlight is harsh to shoot in

Direct sun shot

In the shade

This phrase makes them fake smile, so you want to get the natural smile you love so much when they are laughing or being sweet.
I start by telling Joseph to close his lips and look at the camera. Once he is looking, I say "Don't you smile!" "I mean it!" "Don't do it!" That brings the perfect smile to his face and he doesn't even realize what I am doing.

Our CHEESE face

These are just some tips I use when I am taking a few shots of Joseph. You don't have to use them and its not the law. SO PLEASE do not be offended if you like your kids in printed tees or want them to say cheese. That may be the way you want your pictures and that is great.

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