Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Denver City Visit

After we got home from Alabama, Joseph and I loaded up our car and hit the highway again. This time to visit my family back home. Since moving to Childress, I have been very homesick. Being 4+ hours away from everyone is hard. The last time we saw most of the family was in August at Josephs birthday dinner and some back in July.
Joseph and I got to visit grandma,grandpa,meme, grandad,nana & uncle billy. It was nice resting up at my grandparents house for a few days.
Joseph played for hours out on the ranch with his great grandpa (who just turned 84 & can keep up with a very active 5 year old). He even made a few new friends that liked to follow him around in the pins.Having 4 siblings means lots of nieces and nephews, so in fall spirits we loaded up and headed to the famous Corn Maze in Shallowater. All the kids had fun trying to figure out the maze (most of the time they were in the right direction). Thanks to Papa & Nana for a fun trip with all our little munchkins.

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