Tuesday, July 19, 2011

broken record.....

I am sure you are asking yourself "why title this post broken record?"
Well if you know me or we are facebook friends, then you know I recently moved and quite photography as a job. (still my hobby)

So for the millionth time.... I have officially deleted my photography blog/all things related to my business. But for everyone to keep up with the Patton Family, I have started a family blog.
Welcome to the ever so pink world of the Patton household.
To catch everyone up to speed on life here are the facts...

-Kyle took a job helping run Stanley Auto in Childress Texas back in January
-Decided to cut the stress/lack of sleep in my life and shut down my photography biz
(dont worry I will be posting pictures of the cutest little boy on the planet here)
-Joseph & I officially moved up here in May
-Kyle is doing great helping run the Stanley Auto dealership 
-It is now July and we have all but our bedroom painted and decorated
-Joseph will be 5 in about 4 weeks
-He starts kindergarten the Monday after his birthday

So thats what has happend in the past 7 months
We love and miss all of our family and friends and we hope you guys keep up with us here

With much love,
the lady

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